CitilogCitilog Video Survey

Based in Paris, Citilog is a leading supplier of video incident detection systems in road tunnels and on highways. Video Incident Detection (VAID) systems are used to bring to the attention of operations staff potential issues when they occur within a tunnel or on a bridge or highway. These include identifying vehicles stopping, the traffic slowing down, vehicles traveling in the wrong direction, debris on the road, pedestrians where they shouldn’t be and smoke from a fire.

In addition to their incident detection products, Citilog have software which will analyse video of road traffic to count the number of vehicles, estimate the average speed of the traffic and measure the amount of road surface covered by vehicles compared with that not covered. All of these datasets provide a measure of congestion on the road network.

Citilog’s software works with fixed and pan, tilt, zoom (PTZ) cameras in both the visible spectrum and thermal wavelengths.

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