Digital or IP CCTV is now becoming the norm for CCTV installations. Smart CCTV exclusively utilises IP cameras for our projects both as an input to video analytics and video incident detection systems and to provide over watch surveillance.

We were an early adopter of megapixel resolution cameras and we understand the optical requirements of very high resolution images so we can recommend a suitable lens for the application.

We also believe that real time video is not necessarily 25 frames per second, the image acquisition rate is dependent on the requirements of the application, for example our 3G mobile telephony transmission based cameras for the Highways Agency transmit at 1 frame per second, as this is sufficient to see if the traffic in moving and minimise transmission costs. In contrast we have been involved in object tracking applications which have required a video acquisition rate of hundreds of frames per second.

We make use of the emerging ONVIF and RTSP standards to ensure that a wide range of cameras are compatible with our solutions in order to provide long term maintenance.

We incorporate both visible and thermal imaging cameras into our solutions with the aim of providing the most robust and cost effective solutions.

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