Smart CCTV Bluetooth and Wifi

Many smart phones, satellite navigation systems and in vehicle entertainment systems use either Bluetooth radio or Wi-Fi to communicate with each other. While these are normally thought of as short range radio signals with appropriate aerials they can be sensed from many tens of meters away.

We obtain the unique reference code of the device (which contains no personal information) as a tag at point A and again at points B, C, D etc.

This information gives the journey time between the sensor points, allows our solution to track how a specific vehicle travels through its environment, provides data on how busy the road network is and how this is changing over time.

With back end processing software installed on a PC at the Traffic Management Centre, a town, county or city wide overview is displayed.

We supply both permanently installed solutions and we also use Bluetooth and Wi-Fi analysis for traffic surveys.

Bluetooth and Wi-Fi sensing is a low cost method of providing real time information to both traffic controllers and to the driver through web interfaces and variable message signs.

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