Smart CCTV Origin and Destination

Origin and destination surveys are either undertaken with roadside interviews or utilising technology. Our preferred technical solution is to use a network of Bluetooth / Wi-Fi sensors at key locations on the road network to identify where the traffic flows around the urban environment, the relative volumes of those traffic flows and how those volumes change by time of day and day of the week.

While every site is different we normally expect to capture Bluetooth / Wi-Fi information from between 25% and 40% of the vehicles passing the sensors, as not every vehicle will have a Bluetooth / Wi-Fi system enabled.

This is statistically acceptable to answer questions like what percentage of the traffic takes a particular route or how much busier is the traffic at rush hour compared with the middle of the day. If the survey requires actual traffic flows a cost effective solution is to use another technology, for example Automatic Traffic Counters (ATCs) at one or more of the sensor points to determine the actual percentage of Bluetooth “hits” in the local environment and then apply this factor to the results obtained.

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