Smart CCTV is a supplier of smart digital ANPR cameras where the image processing is done within the camera. This significantly reduces the bandwidth and storage requirements for an application.

Targeted at OEMs and Systems Integrators the Vega cameras offer a cost effective and reliable solution. Applications include access control, journey time measurement and weighbridge systems. Example data is shown below, with the camera id, plate number, time and date of acquisition to millisecond accuracy, the OCR score, count of the number of plates seen, the direction of travel and the camera serial number.

Lane 1 KX06LPU 2010-03-03T01:00:05:912 78 108 APPROACH 246212
Lane 1 YJ06WPE 2010-03-03T01:00:19:596 91 109 APPROACH 246212
Lane 1 GF55ANP 2010-03-03T01:00:35.790 71 110 APPROACH 246212
Lane 1 MX58TCJ 2010-03-03T01:03:30.543 86 111 UNKNOWN 246212
Lane 1 RX59AHL 2010-03-03T01:03:40.280 81 112 APPROACH 246212

This data is only a few bytes per number plate and is output in a .csv file format, an optional JPEG image can also be stored if required. This allows the use of mobile telephony signals as a cost effect communications platform.

The camera includes an inbuilt white and black list each capable of holding in excess of 5000 number plates along with digital I/O. The camera can therefore be used to open a barrier when a “valid” number plate is seen or to send an alarm signal if an unauthorized VRN is identified.

The smart ANPR camera includes an LED based illumination system which is linked with the camera acquisition timing so that the LEDs are only illuminated when the camera is acquiring video. This reduces the power requirement and extends the life of the illumination system.

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