Smart CCTV Car Park Mangement

Understanding how long various users remain in a car park is critical data in the effective management and pricing of parking facilities. The Smart CCTV Vega Access ANPR camera is a cost effective tool to acquire this data set.

In a corporate environment combining number plate identification with a car park space allocation system and variable message signs provides the car park user with a high level of information on where to go to access a reserved parking bay and to provide the management system with notification when the vehicle leaves the car park (and frees up the space).

For companies providing car parking, ANPR allows pre booked vehicles to enter quickly and ensures that they don’t overstay the booking period. It also offers innovative product offerings, for example to ability to pre-book x hours of parking across some or all of the parking companies facilities so that business travellers can change their schedule and park to visit other clients at short notice without having to pay on site. This can lead to significant processing savings both for the parking company and at the accounts department of the visitors as small “petty cash” type transactions are avoided.

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