Smart CCTV Time Lapse Video

Time Lapse video can be utilised in a number of ways to give a time line understanding:

Marketing Video sequence

A time lapse sequence of a construction or demolition project can be created to provide marketing materials for a web site showing how the project moved forward over time.

Site Layout Optimisation

By reviewing how the site was utilised over the project, where goods and plant were stored, how these areas changed during the project it is possible to see how the site layout might have been more optimally planned. This “lessons learnt” information can then be used to help improve the delivery of future projects.

Health and Safety Review

In a similar way to the site layout optimisation an understanding of how the physical site was used during the project can highlight potential health and safety issues which could then be mitigated in future projects. In the event of an incident an understanding of what was where, how long it had been there and how plant and equipment was being used can provide significant insights on what went wrong and why.

Camera Dimensions
Camera Dimensions

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