Video Analytics

Video Analytics or Video Automatic Incident Detection is the technique of using computer algorithms to monitor video (normally CCTV) cameras automatically in real time to provide management information and alarms.

The vast majority of CCTV deployed is of marginal benefit, leaving aside issues related to poor image quality, you normally have only a recording of the incident which may be useful for forensic purposes. However the incident has taken place and you are aware of the fact which is why you are searching through the recorded footage. Video Analytics / Video Automatic Incident detection is there to bring your attention to the fact before or during the incident in order that you can react to the issue(s).

Smart CCTV has completed a wide range of video analytic based projects, ranging from intruder detection on Embassy premises, alerting on traffic incidents in road tunnels and on highways to the protection of items of critical infrastructure. The picture below shows a stopped vehicle (and therefore potentially a high risk hazard) in a road tunnel.

We supply a range of IP CCTV cameras and embedded systems which also work with thermal cameras that undertake the analysis in real time.

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