People Counting

People counting into and out of specific areas is a common video analytics task, we provide a smart stereo video system which achieves 98% accuracy even with high volumes of people. Applications include museums, shopping centres, retail outlets and transport hubs. Utilising stereo video to provide 3D data the counter overcomes the problems associated with conventional video sensors. movement, shadows and reflections have no effect on the system accuracy.

The system is designed for overhead mounting with a mounting height range of 2.1 meters to 6 meters. The unit incorporates Power Over Ethernet (POE) to minimise cabling, is easy to set up via a web interface with remote access available via IP. The system incorporates digital I/O so alerts when a specific number of people are within an area (for fire regulation compliance) or people are walking in the wrong direction are deliverable.

OEM customers can easily integrate the product with access control and facilities management software to provide better building management solutions.

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